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It is widely recognized that food security is one of the biggest challenges being faced in the 21st century, the global population is estimated to reach nine billion by 2050, this challenge represents issues and opportunities. The possibility that some may not have access to enough food is real, many experts recognize that this is a complicated issue that will require close coordination between industry’s and experts across many disciplines to develop solutions for this pressing challenge.

At SAMHCORE we are committed to the goal of global food security for all, we are constantly seeking to meet the challenges this presents and ensure that all communities from all walks of life have access to safe food that without fear of scarcity. We work closely with our partners and alliances to define sustainability standards in production and farming methods to ensure stability and access to food. Our commitment to this issue is demonstrated in our other social commitment policies including water security, land use, resource management, and climate change which we believe collectively will help the world to address this global challenge.

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