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Doing the right thing is a way of life at SAMHCORE, ethical business practice is the foundation of business philosophy, from our code of conduct policies to our partners and alliances code of conduct we believe that transparency is key to our business success. Our communities and partners depend on our commitment to Ethical practices this is why our value chain and alliances have become so valuable and well respected.

We conduct business throughout the world and we respect the rules of law and regulations within the countries we operate at all times, this belief has helped us to establish successful relationships and compliance to legal and regulatory requirements are grounded in board and senior management commitment at the highest levels.

Ethical Principles

Honesty and Transparency

We are honest in all dealing with our partners, buyers, sellers and producers, we are committed to 100% transparency, this principle guides us in all our efforts and dealings.

Integrity and Loyalty

Integrity is critical to our reputation and we protect our reputation as if our business life depends on it, why? Because it does. Our reputation precedes us and with it our commitment to integrity which must meet our high standards, we believe in loyalty to our partners and through this commitment we develop and maintain sustainable relationships and mutually beneficial outcomes for all.

Fairness and Promise Keeping

We promote fairness and promise keeping through our company the hallmark of a sustainable business model is the promise and delivery of that promise and as such this is the foundation of our success.

Confidentiality and Privacy

We respect the privacy of the individuals and businesses with deal with on a daily basis, we understand that in the modern age confidentiality and information security is a widely held value that is to be respected and honored. Privacy is for us a promise that is inherent in our relationships with our partners and alliances which we always respect and maintained with the upmost integrity.