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We operate within and across the agri-food supply chain and we understand that security is of great concern to all our partners and stakeholders which is a commitment we uphold, because of this we are constantly striving to improve the sustainability of food production. SAMHCORE achieve this through collaboration, investment in research and working carefully to drive improvements through use of data, technology and new sciences to deliver meaningful improvements within the markets and communities we operate in.

We have extensive relationships with feed producers across our network who can provide short and long-term solutions for safe, quality assured compound feeds of high standards including working closely with producers and processors to enhance efficacy, performance and delivering tailored feeds and feed regimes for customers.

We have a clear strategy and interest in biosecurity and securing livestock and poultry safety and sustainability with our partners, we provide support across our partnerships and provide solutions to farmers and producers across the supply chain.

Our teams and partners are experts in managing animal health, risks and impacts of animal diseases, infectious diseases on poultry farms can greatly affect the health and productivity of a farmer’s flock. Effective biosecurity programs and health protocols play a critical role in preventing and minimizing the spread of infectious diseases and ultimately potential health crises that may arise through proper risk assessments.