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Fish farming and environmentally sustainable aquaculture is helping to reduce environmental damage and support marine diversity, it is a sustainable farming solution that can help to feed the world as population pressures increase.

Aquaculture is a very efficient approach to farming fish with a low carbon footprint and low space requirements and is widely considered to be the most efficient form of meat production in relation to return on feed.

Currently we only obtain around 5% of the food we eat from the oceans which cover over 70% of the planets’ surface, this dramatic statistic highlights the possibilities that lie ahead for the future of aquaculture and food security. Aquaculture is a sustainable and renewable source of food that can help to alleviate impoverished people from developing and impoverished countries. At SAMHCORE we believe that aquaculture is here to stay and our partners and experts can assist in setting up and developing sustainable productions facilities from start to finish, contact us today to discuss how we can help.