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Fair Trade Partnerships

We have a policy of fair trade partnerships with our suppliers and sellers, we want to make sure our supply chains are secure and that we have partnerships which have beneficial outcomes for all those involved. Our commitment to fair trade ensures that we have traceability and know where products in our supply chain come from.

The benefits of fair trade partnerships are broader still, greater visibility and sustainability for producers and suppliers in emerging economies have enabled third parties to ensure accountability in the supply chain as ethical consumer behavior has evolved to bring a fairer trade deal for staff.

We partner with businesses and purchasers to ensure that we can deliver visibility on the supply chain to the end user and for certification or validation purposes to shareholders and consumers, fair trade and supply chain visibility has become a standard in our everyday working processes and procedures and has become essential in the fast-changing world we operate in.

Community Welfare Programs

We have a strong commitment to the communities and farmers we work with and on a daily basis we reach out to them through our teams and alliances to let them know we are available to offer support and assistance wherever we can through our expertise and partnerships, we have through our partners in East Africa particularly pledged support to local farmers through sharing of expertise and knowledge to strengthen their production operations ensuring our commitment to Community Welfare and with the long term objective of securing sustainable partners who will make a difference to their families.

Agricultural farming, fisheries and livestock is a major employment sector in rural areas of Africa and Asia, we have helped to establish Producer Cooperatives where these programs have played important roles in supporting small agricultural producers helping to create sustainable rural employment where small producers can collectively negotiate for fair deals additionally providing access to information, guidance and training on resource management and better access to markets.

Food Security

It is widely recognized that food security is one of the biggest challenges being faced in the 21st century, the global population is estimated to reach nine billion by 2050, this challenge represents issues and opportunities. The possibility that some may not have access to enough food is real, many experts recognize that this is a complicated issue that will require close coordination between industry’s and experts across many disciplines to develop solutions for this pressing challenge.

At SAMHCORE we are committed to the goal of global food security for all, we are constantly seeking to meet the challenges this presents and ensure that all communities from all walks of life have access to safe food that without fear of scarcity. We work closely with our partners and alliances to define sustainability standards in production and farming methods to ensure stability and access to food. Our commitment to this issue is demonstrated in our other social commitment policies including water security, land use, resource management, and climate change which we believe collectively will help the world to address this global challenge.

Animal and Livestock Welfare

At SAMHCORE we understand that animals and livestock have always played a critical and important part in the agricultural industry, they provide us with food, milk, fibers and they also enhance soil fertility through recycling nutrients. Modern farming methods have become more intensive and industrialized giving rise to real issues around confinement and welfare of animals raised as livestock.

We believe in ethical welfare and treatment for livestock animals and we strive to ensure our partners maintain high standards for animals under their care in terms of their welfare, we are proud to be committed to this noble goal throughout our supply chain and partnerships across the globe.

Land Use Resource Management

We understand that under challenging climate conditions and changes our Alliances, CO-OPs and farming partners need to maximize their land usage and resources for optimal benefit and production levels we believe in a holistic approach to resource and land management. We assist our partners with carbon, water and energy foot printing assessments to ensure that their operations are efficient, we also provide guidance and knowledge transfer partnerships on ration optimization, animal husbandry and biosecurity including health plans. We also have established a strong focus on energy efficiency measures; including renewable and energy generation opportunities on farms such as solar and wind.

At SAMHCORE we prefer a system based approach to resource and land management including life cycle assessment, soil and water management including land use planning and preparation, we believe in sharing knowledge and taking a keen interest in our partners operations continually enhancing our value chain along the way for our buyers.

Climate Change Challenges

Climate change currently poses a concern to agriculture, production and farmers across the globe some in a small way some in a large way, agriculture plays a significant role in national, societal and economic systems therefore its impacts must be assessed and monitored continually. Climate change has the power to positively and negatively affect production and output of crops, livestock and fishery systems if not managed carefully and can have adverse impacts on supply chains and food security.

We recognize that Climate changes can have adverse impacts on the supply chain in terms of quantity, quality and pricing of agricultural crops and products, which is why we are continually working with our partners to raise awareness and discuss issues around climate change and its impacts. We work with partners to develop strategies to help improve crop yields through adjustments in planting seasons, species and investments in irrigation systems, drought tolerant crop varieties, diseases, insects and education.

Water Security

Water is a critical resource for communities and people across the globe, life as we know it cannot be sustained without it, we believe that fresh drinking water is a right for all people and all communities. The need for fresh drinking water as a resource is one that we need to secure, at SAMHCORE we are committed to utilizing all social and technological developments to secure water reserves in the communities with whom we work.

We believe that this noble goal that can be achieved only through collaboration at local, national, regional and international levels, combing efforts and education. We continually strive to assist our partners in assessing their water security and protecting their vulnerable and valuable stores to ensure that this is sustainable and accessible. We work towards ensuring water resources are well managed for efficient usage and outputs for equitable outcomes for all.